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Countering My Opponents Libelous 9/29 Reader’s View With Facts

Running for re-election as Saratoga Springs’ Finance Commissioner, I try to focus on my solid record and my plans for the next term. But my opponent continues to make untrue statements about me that require strong responses. Responding with facts is especially...

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On Collecting Delinquent Property Taxes

I have recently seen some odd and ill-informed anonymous discussion on social media regarding how the city manages overdue property tax situations. For general information about how Saratoga Springs collects taxes, levies, and assessments, and when, why, and how the...

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New York Primary is Tuesday, June 25

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5

Polls open 6 am - 9 pm

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 7
Polls open: 6am - 9pm

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