Smart Budgets.
Stable Taxes.

I want to thank all Democrats who voted for me in the June 25th primary and everyone who worked so hard on my campaign. Once all the votes were counted, I lost by 32 votes – 765 to 733. The June primary was about whose name will appear on the Democratic line for the office of Finance Commissioner this fall. But in November, every voter will be able to take part in choosing who actually wins this office.

I want to be clear: regardless of the results of the Democratic primary, I am actively seeking reelection. On the November ballot, my name – Michele Madigan – will appear on both the Independence Party and Working Families Party lines.

I humbly ask voters of this city – Democrats, Republicans, Independence or Working Families Party members, members of other parties, plus the 4,300 people with no party affiliation – to vote for me on November 5, choosing whatever line you feel best aligns with your own political values. I will be grateful for your support, and as your Finance Commissioner I will continue to safeguard the city’s financial future and ensure that our city government works for all of us. Together we will forge a non-partisan coalition called “One Saratoga,” to unite voters from across the political spectrum who share a common purpose of sustaining and enhancing the vibrancy of our great city, now and into the future

I ask for your vote because I hope to continue working for the welfare of our city. I have a strong record of achievement and a well-earned reputation for integrity, ethics, and transparency. I have delivered seven straight budgets without tax increases; enhanced our bond-rating to AA+ making it less expensive to borrow for capital projects; cut long-term expenses by $3.6M through refinancing city debt; oversaw installation of a 2.5MW solar facility offsetting a big share of the city’s energy costs, and much more. Currently, I am leading the way on a citywide broadband project. I am collaborating with other council members on other significant projects: completing the City Hall repairs, the multi-million dollar Loughberry Dam project, a solution to our Fire/EMS needs, securing a permanent Code-Blue shelter and strengthening the city’s cyber security.

Fewer than 10 percent of Saratoga Springs voters weighed in on June 25. This race is far from over. Please stay tuned as I work hard to earn your support on November 5.
This Reader’s View was originally published in The Saratogian on August 10th, 2019